Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan

Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan


Vibrant and Visionary, Dr. Preety Shah-Chauhan is a Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine. She is founder and co-owner of Healing Harmony along with Dr. Prajakta and brings with her an experience of close to 10 years

Dr. Preety is gifted with the natural art of understanding human psyche. A staunch believer in the 'wholistic' concept of health, she tactfully interweaves the science & art of homeopathy with various psychotherapies, meditation techniques and counselling to restore the harmony between the body-the mind and the soul for all her patients.

  • Speciality   Homeopathy
  • Degrees      B.H.M.S
  • Experience 12 Years
  • Training     Certified Meditation Facilitator
  • Recognitions/Citations      
    • Co-authored several articles in National and International Journals
    • Two time winner at "The Other Song Academy of Advanced Homeopathy" for case presentations
    • Fellowship in Homeopathy Psychiatry & Counselling

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