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How does homeopathy work.

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During your first homeopathic consultation, you will often find a Homeopath asking you seemingly irrelevant things.  You have come for a migraine and the homeopath will ask you about your nature, what makes you angry, what are your sensitivities, dreams, childhood and so on.

And you wonder, how is it related to your migraine? Let us understand this:

At every moment we come in contact with countless germs. They are in the air we breathe, in every pore of our skin, in every fold of our intestine. In spite of all this, we rarely fall ill. And even if we do, we automatically get well most of the time. We cannot escape the conclusion that there is within each of us a force, a force that co-ordinates our system.

The force that keeps a balance between us and our surroundings. The power that defends us from invading agents. The energy that fights to get well when we are sick. The force that makes repairs of our damaged tissues, makes us grow and develop. Dr. Hahnemann,  founder of homeopathy recognized it as function of life itself and called it Life Force or Vital Force. It is call chi in Chinese medicine or homeostasis in common language.

If this life force prevails unchallenged, it maintains co-ordination in our system, and helps us maintain a balance  between our mind, body, soul and the surroundings, protecting us from external harmful agents. It maintains the body in perfect ‘health’.

Consequently, the disease is not tonsillitis or headache or loose motions or depression. These are all effects or end-products of disease. The real sickness is the disturbance in the normal functioning of the vitality.

Disease is not a thing but the condition of our entire being. The body is born as one, functions as one and reacts as one. It is unity. When affected by sickness, it reacts as a whole.E. G.  If you have a fever you will be either weepy, irritable,  weak, want to be alone,   too thirsty or thirstless..

Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize winner puts it so well, “A disease is not an entity. Disease is a personal event. It consists of the individual himself. There are as many different diseases as the patients."

So no matter you have come to a homeopath for a arthritis, insomnia, diabetes or anxiety, expect to tell all about yourself to the homeopath so she can find the individual behind sickness.

In summary homeopathy is a holistic and individualistic in nature.  When the leaves of your plant dry up, what do you do?  Paint the leaves is green!  What is needed is to see the soil is nutritious,  you are giving the right amount of water and sunlight!

Homeopathic medicines are made up of natural substances. A scientific process of potentisation (dilution) makes them extremely powerful and at the same time renders it harmless.  Hence,  homeopathic medicines have absolutely no side effects.  From new born baby,  to pregnant women or elderly all can use homeopathy.

In the journey of self-centering Healing Harmony uses along with homeopathy scientifically proven methods that are both time tested and contemporary such as yoga, mindful eating, meditation, counselling and more to bring health, happiness and harmony.


Thus, enabling you to come from fragments to whole.