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Man is an organic unit

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Man is an organic unit of the body, mind and soul. The material part consists of his body, his various organ systems, his glands, his tissues and fluids, his brain. The non-material part that gives life to the body that governs it and controls its functions is called 'Vital force/vital energy' in homeopathy. Vital force is what Chinese medicine would call chi - an energetic phenomenon. But it's not described in the conventional framework of thinking - the nearest we get to it is the principle of homeostasis - that the body is always trying to maintain an internal balance. When affected by sickness, it reacts as a whole. The symptoms which represent this reaction are found all over the body and also in the patient’s mental state. Thus, if we want to get a true and complete picture of the sickness, we must not only consider the chief complaint of the patient, but also the symptoms of all parts of the body and the mind. All troubles of the patient arise from one basic disorder.

Thus, for homoeopaths disease is not just sum of few symptoms, but the disturbances at energy level, disturbances at the mind (Which includes feelings, fears, thoughts, perceptions and reactions to all theses) and body level (Which includes sleep, desires and aversions, appetite, thirst, thermal modalities and symptoms related to each systems).

The homeopathic medicine works by stimulating body's own healing power (immunity). The stimulus will help assist your own system to clear itself of any expressions of imbalance. The aim of homeopathic medicine and treatment is to bring your own body to a level of wellness-capability to restore the imbalance- so as to cure itself.