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Holistic Program Vs Only Homeopathy Medicines

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We are often asked, what is the big deal about holism? In this fast paced life patients usually want a fast treatment- a short cut. I have to go work tomorrow, my kid has an exam, I do not have time to rest as I manage the house! For some it is injections and pain killers. For some who are slightly evolved, it is alternative medicines like homeopathy or ayurveda. But is this enough?

You wouldn't want to take NSAIDs for life for your arthritis or anti-hypertensives for your High BP or insulin for your Diabetes. But would you like to simply replace these with homeopathic medicines? The honest answer would be NO.

It is easy to visit a doctor, take your prescription and pop those pills. But that's job half done. You need to be an equal participant, play your part in your health journey. Just as the doctor & medicines would play. 

At Healing Harmony we have 5 main pillars. Our Power of 5Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Diet and Counselling. Each of these have their own role and is indispensable. 

Over 10 years of our practice we have seen this in several patients. Here is one such example that I would like to share with you:

This patient came to H2 with dyslipidemia, a disease which causes fat accumalation in your blood vessels. Thus, making putting you at high risk of hypertension and cardiac diseases. The patient was only 30 years old- a very common phenomenon these days in India where these lifestyle diseases start manifesting very early.

He was prescribed blood thinners by his physician along with lifestyle changes. After few months of being on allopathic treatment he came to our clinic in search of a permanent solution.

We started him on a holistic program which included the power of 5. He showed tremendous improvement which is also evident from his blood work as shown in the table below. It is important to note that he was not on any allopathic treatment once he enrolled with us on the holistic program. However, as a conditioned modern man would behave, with such positive improvement, he insisted on discontinuing with the program and chose to reamain only on homeopathic medicines after the first 3 months.  The blood work slowly showed an increasing graph of cholestrol, triglycerides and his weight at the end of 3 months on only homeopathic medicines. While he was much better than before, the treatment wasn't as effective as we would like it to be.

Holistic Program Vs Only Medicines
Readings Baseline (before)

After initial 3 months of Holistic Program

After subsequent 3 months of only Homeopathy Medicines
Cholesterol 171 139 145
HDL  42 31 35
Sr. Triglycerides 262 189  205
Weight 90 83 85

Especially for all chronic diseases the power of 5 is essential for atleast 6 months to 1 year. Once, your body, mind & spirit finds its harmony you can rely on your vital energy to keep you balanced and healthy. 

Health is a journey and this journey can be beautiful with your participation!