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You may call it a holiday, a workshop, a retreat, or an adventure, but at the center of it, it is an unwinding focused to lead you on a journey of self-discovery to help you enable wholeness within yourselves. It is a holistic amalgamation of various healing techniques both time tested and contemporary. The program's aim is to bring harmony & health on all levels-body, mind & soul in a colorful, playful & practical way. Karvaan is an initiative by Healing Harmony

Karvaan is a residential program usually conducted for 3 or 5 days. The upcoming 5-day Karvaan journey is scheduled to be conducted in the serenity of Himalayas in March 2020 in collaboration with Muskotia @ Kilbury forest, Nainital, Uttarakhand. We will listen to the natural rhythms of nature from the moment you rise until the moment it lullabies you to sleep which reminds us to find and follow our own gentle flow and gives us permission to relax and unwind. Using nature as a catalyst every detail of the retreat routine is thoughtfully and lovingly crafted so that you can experience a retreat filled with cherished memories that makes you truly A.L.I.V.E. Come join the bandwagon to move from fragments to whole!

The 5 elements to being A.L.I.V.E? Karvaan aims at working on these 5 elements within you! A- Abundant, L-Loving, I-Inspiring, V-Vibrant, E-Enjoying

Program Cost: Muskotia Cottage: 38,999/-
Muskotia Facilities: 30,999/-

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Program Details:

Enjoy the enchanting Himalayas from Muskotia, Kilbury, Nainital. Muskotia cottages is situated on top of the Mountain at a height of 7200 feet/2100 meters overlooking the snow-clad Himalayas and surrounded with thick Oak and Rhododendron Trees. The Kilbury forest area is an International Birding (Naina Devi Bird Conservatory) destination with estimated > 400 species of Birds/Butterflies and Moths.

Program Includes

Muskotia Resort, Nainital, Uttarakhand is a boutique - family owned property for the discerning holiday traveler. Cottages (Muskotia and Muskotia facilities (500 meters walking distance from main Muskotia) are located in wildscape setting using sustainable methods of construction, contemporary/ethnic style mountain architecture. Hot water for bathing, DIY herbal tea making in suite cottage. Cottages done up very tastefully yet minimalist in living but high on comfort.

At Muskotia Cottages OR Muskotia facilities Cottages (500 meters away from Muskotia). Room service is discouraged at the property. All meals/beverages are served in Muskotia Main Dining hall or the lawns. Clean bedsheets and towels would be provided at the time of check in. These would only be changed at the discretion of the housekeeping only (help us conserve water).

All activities would be at main Muskotia-Yogshala/Lawns/open fields or adjoining Kilbury forest. Two types of accommodation are being offered to the participants. Please check the one of your choice and preference:

A)Muskotia Cottages: High class sustainable building with Contemporary-Mountain architecture. Fitted with Infra-Red heaters, Independent water geysers, Towel warmers, Cable television (with most of the popular channels), DIY Herbal tea making and hot water kettle, fully furnished.

B)Muskotia facilities-Cottages (500 meters walking distance from main Muskotia premises): Ethnic/Vernacular architecture using local sustainable building material, fully furnished with DIY Electric kettle for herbal tea making, Hot water geyser. TV in common dining hall, Electric heaters can be provided on request, with no charge.


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What is the cost of Muskotia Cottage?

INR 38,999 per person

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What is the cost of Muskotia facilities Cottage(500 meters away from Muskotia)?

INR 30,999 per person

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Will the cottages be on sharing?

Yes, accommodation on twin sharing basis, only.

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What will be the check-in time?

Check-in: anytime on 22nd March (Karvaan Retreat begins on 23rd March post-lunch, try to reach the venue latest by 23rd March noon)

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What will be the check-out time?

Check-out: By 11 am on 28th March 11 (Karvaan Retreat closes on 27th March post-lunch, you may choose to leave on 27th March or linger on to soak in the Himalayas & peace of the retreat)

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What will be included in the package cost?

All meals, from 22nd to 28th March. The food served in simple vegetarian sattvic, detox, Himalayan & tasty!. All program activities and materials

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What is excluded from he package cost?

Cost is exclusive of travel.

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Can I come for part of a workshop or miss some sessions during the 5 days?

The program is an integrated and immersive in nature, and missing part of the workshop is a sure way of missing out on the self-learning processes that the workshops seeks to trigger in participants. Participating in all sessions is mandatory.

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How to Reach Muskotia?

Nainital is the nearest hill station from Delhi about 270 kms by road. Here is how can travel from Delhi:
By Road:Regular Bus connections from ISBT station or take AC VOLVO Bus till Haldwani from Delhi (various operators, please check net for the one suitable to you). From Haldwani Bus tation/Railway station one can get sharing taxi, full taxi or Buses to Nainital town (35 kms). Check online portals.
By Train:Nearest Rail head is Kathgodam / Haldwani (both are twin towns with a gap of 2 kms) Popular trains are Shatabadi Chair Car/ Ranikhet express overnight/Kathgodam Sampark Kranti Chair Car. In case travelling by train, advise to book your tickets much in advance (Nainital is a very popular hill station)
Muskotia is situated 17 kms from Mall Road, Main NAINITAL town. Once you are in the main town of Nainital, drive through the beautiful Kilbury forest to reach Village Pangoot (famous birding destination). Keep driving for another 3 kms from Pangoot to reach Village Gugukham where Muskotia Shuttle will be standing for you to take you to Muskotia (last 500 meters of your journey to reach Muskotia on top of the Mountain overlooking the snow-clad Himalayas) on Top of the Mountain.
Please intimate 1 hour is advance to Team Muskotia on your time of arrival by whatsapp on 7599741949 with your name and number of passengers for the Muskotia Shuttle to be there for receiving you.
For taxi services for you/your group call Afsar Bhai on 9758848339 (ask for special rates for MUSKOTIA customers) or choose to hire your own taxi guy at Haldwani/Pantnagar or Nainital. Payment to be made in Cash to the taxi driver.

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Who can join this event?

People from all kinds of backgrounds can participate. The program is not suitable for children and severely ill individuals. Seekers of every ilk are welcome. No previous experience in yoga or meditation is required. In case you plan to bring your family with you, they are not allowed to meet you during ongoing Retreat timings.

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What should I carry?

  • Yoga Mat
  • Comfortable clothes- avoid sarees, shorts, skirts etc. Wear Pants/Tracksuits Churidar kuta/pyjama
  • Comfortable walking shoes - Normal sneakers are fine. Avoid No flats/stilettos or heels, crocs/slippers for walking.
  • Warm clothes. Always carry a jacket as weather in Himalayas can be unpredictable.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Torch & extra batteries
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Sunscreen/Hat/Sunglasses
  • Any prescription medications you are taking.
  • Optional-Camera/Binoculars
  • A small day packs.
Tip: Visit Decathlon for reasonable and good mountain gear.

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Weather in Kilbury forest, Nainital during the retreat?

March 3rd/4th week is almost fag end of Winters and beginning of Spring time. In all probability last spell of snow fall is done and over with. New blossoms start to appear on plants. We expect Maximum temperature 22-24’C and minimum 12-14 'C. Himalayan weather can some time get unpredictable, please come prepared with proper woolens. Evening (post sunset) do tend to get cold.

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Can I smoke or drink during the program?

Drinking is strictly prohibited. It is recommended you avoid smoking as much as possible. If you need to take a smoke that will have to be outside the venue perimeter and should not inconvenience any fellow participant.

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Will my cellphone/mobile work at the venue? Is wi-fi available.

Some cellphones (BSNL and JIO) work, while others don't. In any case best to give your phone a little holiday while you attend the program. You will be required to keep your phones switched off during the program activities. For any urgent calls, there would be a BSNL telephone available to call anywhere in India, free of charge to the Retreat participants, you can make as many calls as you want. Reliance JIO has reasonably good connectivity for the WIFI, please carry your own dongle in case you desire to be connected in WIFI post Retreat timings.

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Will the program be tiring?

The activities in the program involve mild to moderate physical activity (e.g. hike, forest walks, yoga) but provides opportunities to rest. The agenda is designed to give you enough gaps to soak in nature, contemplate and rest between each activity. Karvaan Retreat closes on 27th March post-lunch, you may choose to leave on 27th March (Friday) or linger on to soak in the Himalayas & peace of the retreat until 28th March (Saturday) morning. Depending on where you live, you should be back home by Sunday providing you enough time to unpack & rest.

We recommend keeping your Monday slow. Ideal to take the day off, if not atleast start work late, avoid super stressful situations or work from home. In case you plan to extend your stay at Muskotia, please inform us in advance so that necessary bookings can be made by you.In case you are travelling with your family for the Retreat, please check on rules with Asmita.

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How do I implement what I learnt in Karvaan once I am back?

That is the most important question. Participating in a wellness retreat can be revolutionary but the real test begins after the retreat. Will this positive energy you gathered sustainable? That is where we are different from other similar programs.

  • The program teaches you that you don’t have to run to Himalayas every time you are stressed or are losing your inner peace. You can meditate while brushing your teeth or while commuting to work. We teach you practical techniques that you can implement in your daily modern metro lives.
  • Additionally, we have a unique buddy program designed. Your buddy is your partner in crime. He/She walks the talk with you. You can fall together, get-up together & say "yes we can do it"!
  • Most importantly, we have regular Karvaan Booster sessions. If you are in Mumbai join us in person or via our online webinars for these meditation workshops. These booster sessions are at no extra cost to you.

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I have attended Karvaan retreat (3 day or 5day) in the past, can I join again. How will the repeat retreat benefit me?

Think back to when you learned to ride a bike, drive a car or play a new sport. First, you needed to learn the essential skills. Then it was all about practice and more practice until you increased your confidence, improved your speed and became skilled. Have you found a deeper meaning in a book you read more than once? Some profound meaning percolating in your being each time you read the book.

If you have attended our program Karvaan before, we encourage you to repeat it as much as you like for strengthening and deepening your practice. And simply as a reminder or booster to "simplifying life" (As Swapna, a previous Karvaan participant puts it as)

Repetitio mater studiorum est.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.

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Any other perks?

Well, if what we said above is not enough as a cherry on the cake there are some free-bees too!

  • A welcome & exit kit including copper water bottles & cups
  • First homeopathic & Zen counselling consultation is FREE. This can be done during the retreat or post the retreat. If you are in Mumbai, you are welcome over a cup of chai, if not consultations can happen via skype or whatsapp. We courier homeopathic medicines across the globe. To know more how Homeopathy & Zen counselling can help click below:
  • 10% Discount of Muskotia Farms: Herbs and Herbal Tea (Tissanes, caffine free. Check for product on
  • In case you plan to extend you stay at Muskotia, you would get 10% of the rack rate available at Muskotia, please independently check with Muskotia for same



Organized By

Healing Harmony

Cancellation Policy

The retreat has limited seats and hence follows a strict no refund policy due to the investment of time, effort and expense in curating the entire experience. But, we have got you covered! In case you cancel your cushion more than 15 days before the retreat you will be given the opportunity to use this amount to book for a future retreat. In case of any cancellation with less than 15 days to go for the retreat, entire amount will be charged, no refund or re-adjustment will be possible.


Event Location

Muskotia Resort, Nainital, Uttarakhand

+91 8433581011,022-28893347,+91 7304041836

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