Akash Barthwal

Akash Barthwal

Sound and Energy Healer and Meditation Practitioner

Sound is one of our oldest forms of healing. Used during yoga, meditation and even to enhance learning, sound as therapy is as old as the earthitself. Song and music are restorative to the nervous system, resonate deep within our cells, and are powerfully effective at changing our thought patterns.

Mr Akash Barthwal is a Sound and Energy Healer and Meditation Practitioner. It is his joy to support people in getting in touch with their infinite potential and passion for life by helping them explore limiting beliefs and releasing holding patterns of energy in the body so that they can live more fully in a state of Embodied Wholeness

He will guide you through an enchanting period of meditation, healing breath work, and soothing sacred sound vibrations. You'll find your mind becoming calm and still, and your body reaching a state of deep relaxation and restoration. Come as you are, and leave feeling full of light. He loves to help others find inner peace, inspiration, and a connection to their own wisdom and guidance within. He offers an extra special touch to each of his classes and workshops by finding the sound of soul.

  • Speciality Sound and Vibrational Healing
  • Degrees    BSc in Nautical Science
  • Experience 4 Years
  • Training  Specialized in healing clinical mental illnesses

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